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Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines, and it's often used to improve and automate software processes. Perhaps the most well-known AI is SIRI, Apple's Speech Recognition software.However, AI has now become a mainstream technology that many people and companies use on a daily basis.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Workshop includes basic knowledge on:


-->Qualitative & Quantitative Data
-->Measures of Central Tendency(mean, median &mode)
-->Measures of Dispersion(variance,Standard Deviation & Variance)
-->Data Exploration(histograms, barplot, boxplot, scatterplot)


-->Basic syntax
-->Basic Data types
-->Python Standard Libraries(Numpy,Scipy,Pandas)

Machine Learning

-->What is Machine Learning?
-->Why it is used or needed?
-->Types of Machine Learning:
--> Supervised Learning
--> Unsupervised Learning
--> Reinforcement Learning
-->Applications of Machine Learning
-->Future vision of Machine Learning

Deep Learning

-->What is Deep Learning?
-->Why Deep Learning is used or needed?
-->Applications of Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Assignments Based on AI

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